Cushions & Pillows

Cushions & Pillows

Have it your way!

If you have something more customized in mind, Ahead of the Rest offers a wide variety of pleasing patterns and stunning solids. All cushions and pillows are made from quality Sunbrella fabrics and feature zipper closures for easy cleaning and simple swap outs. Consider adding some interchangeable fabric covers to expand your options and make your outdoor living space your absolute favorite place.

Cushions: All about the edges!

Ahead of the Rest offers cushion options designed to fit your specific outdoor seating needs. All cushions are made from top-quality Sunbrella fabrics and feature a zipper closure, making cleaning and swapping easy and quick.

  • Boxed Edge Cushions are created from a three pieces of fabric (top, bottom and side), formed into a box-like shape with either piping or welt as a finishing touch.
  • French Edge Cushions are made specifically for seating that requires a seat and back cushion. The seat and back cushions are connected and finished with welts or piping.

Throw Pillows: Fun meets function!

Adding a few throw pillows is a perfect way to create instant pizazz and enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. Measuring 16 inches square, these pillows are fun and functional. Created from Sunbrella fabric, filled with polyester fiber, enhanced with welt or piping, and finished with a zipper for easy cleaning, you will love the look, feel and ease of use provided by Ahead of the Rest throw pillows.

Lumbar Pillow: Take it easy!

Give your back the rest it deserves, even when sitting outdoors! Lumbar pillows are made from Sunbrella Fabric in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, with polyester fiberfill and a zipper for easy cleaning. The 11” x 18” size fits and forms perfectly, no matter where they are used. Pillows make a great accent to any seating arrangement and give your outdoor seating an added pop of color!